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*One Square Bale of Hay - $15.00

*One Bag of Organic Chicken Feed Pellets - $22.00

*One Bag of Organic Chicken Scratch - $19.00

*Veterinary Visit - $75.00

*Hammer - $20.00

*Box of Nails - $5.00

SITE WORK - $2800

Prepare Site – Layout, Clear and Grub, Grading, Tree Trimming and Tree Removal

UTILITIES - $16600

Electrical 1ea 200 Amp Electrical Service est. $7800
Sewer 1ea. 1000gal Septic System est. $11800
Water Supply Existing Well N/A

FENCING- $3660

Property Lines- 384ft
4ea. 21ft (2-3/8”) Drill Stem
25ea. 6ft T-Posts
10ea 80lb Bags Concrete Mix
2ea 47inH Field Fence
1ea 9ga 171ft Utility/Brace Wire
Electric Protection Fence
1ea Plug-in Electric Fence Energizer with
17ga Electric wire, 4paks (25ea) insulators

224sqft @$27 $6048
4ea` Yards Road Base – 1.5 in aggregate
8ea Treated 4x4x12ft Columns
4ea Treated 4x4x10ft Columns
76lft #4 Reinforcing Bars
224ea sqft 10ga Concrete Reinforcing Mesh
60lft Forms/Stakes
4ea Yards Concrete 3000psi Read Mix
300lft Rustic 1x4x5/8 Vertical Entrance Railings
15ea 2x4x16ft SPF Lumber - Roof/Railing
25ea 2x3x8ft Utility Studs - Roof/Railing
6ea 16ft Maz-Rib Galvalume Metal Roof Sheets
1ea 4ft x 50in Wire Filled Gate
1gal Clear Exterior Sealer

360sqft @$42 $15120
8ea` Yards Road Base – 1. 5 aggregate
4ea Yards Decomposed Granite
45ea Bags 80lb concrete mix
10ea 20ft #4 Concrete Reinforcing Bar
8ea Treated 4x4x12ft Columns
8ea Treated 4x4x10ft Columns
50ea 2x4x12ft WW spf
14ea 2x4x12ft treated yp
75ea 2x3x8ft Utility Studs
2ea 1.15 x21degree Cases Framing nails
3ea Boxes 2in. galvanized Trim nails
1ea 3in star drive deck screws
1600lft 1x4 rustic fence boards
1ea 5gal Pail Clear Sealer
4ea 21ft 2-3/8 Drill Stem
2ea 1x1x 14ga Primed tube Steel
5ea 5ft x16ft Galvanized 2x4 grid Horse Fence Panel
2ea 60in. x 50ft 1in. mesh Galvanized Hex Poultry netting
1ea box 3/4in. 17ga Galvanized Wide Crown Staples
15ea 12ft Max-Rib Panels ¾in. rib Galvanized Metal Sheeting
20ft 12in Galvanized metal Ridge Cap
40ft 4x6 Galvanized metal Flashing
20ea 8ft Rustic Tin Panels ¾in. rib Corrugated Sheet Metal Sheeting
1ea Box 1.25 Hex head Wood gripper Screws w/neoprene washers
4ea 5ft x 30 ft Roll 1.5in wool Vinyl Roll Insulation
1ea box 9/16 leg 3/8 staples

Caterpillar Tunnel - $5120
50 ftx 16ft Gothic Pro - Farmers Friend
Sensory Pollinator Garden - $2800
Approx. sqft 400 @ $7.00
Grading prep sub-grade
4yds decomposed granite
Lay Natural Rock borders
Planting soils

Stock Room Supply Storage -2080
Approx. sqft 160 @ $12 $2080
Grading prep sub-grade
3yds 1.5 Base Material
Remodel existing Portable shed
Add covered outdoor storage cover
8ft x 8ft Rest Room Building - $12544
Approx. Sqft 64 @ $196 $12544
Grading prep sub-grade
2yds 1.5 compacted Base Material
Forms/reinforcing Steel/poly
3000 psi stained concrete
Framing Materials/Exterior Siding
Plumbing /sink /toilet
Electrical/Lighting - Buildings
Budget $3500
Water systems/ Feeders/Fans/Stall cleaning Tools
Budget $2500
Raised Planting Beds / Garden Tools & Supplies
Budget $3200
Architectural / Plans Drafting Fees
Budget $3000
Construction Management Fees
Budget $6500
Total: Projected Budget Pricing $85,472

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